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Snowman & Gourmet Chocolates with Champagne Gift Set

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  • Elevate any celebration with the Snowman & Gourmet Chocolates with Champagne Gift Set, a delightful ensemble designed to spread joy and create unforgettable moments. Champagne has a unique way of adding sparkle to every occasion, and with this holiday set, your friends and family can indulge in a toast to happiness and prosperity, courtesy of you! This festive gift set features an adjustable 18” to 28” snowman decoration, adding a charming touch to any holiday décor. Accompanying the snowman is a box of assorted gourmet chocolates, offering a decadent treat for the taste buds. To top it all off, we've included a bottle of champagne, which can be customized or upgraded from our extensive collection to suit the recipient's preferences. For those looking to add a personal touch, the option to include additional items is available. Choose from a selection of beer, wine, liquor, and more to tailor the gift set to their tastes and preferences. With the Snowman & Gourmet Chocolates with Champagne Gift Set, you'll be spreading cheer and creating lasting memories with your loved ones, making every moment extra special and memorable.
  • This is what is included in this gift:

    Posable Long-Legged Snowman Decoration : This 18" to 28" long-legged Snowman decoration is great for posing on the mantle, a shelf, or anywhere!

    Bottle of Champagne : This gift basket includes a bottle of Champagne. This sparkling wine may be upgraded to any of the Champagnes/Sparkling Wines from our extensive Champagne collection, including several upgrade options at zero additional cost. Additional bottles of wine, champagne, liquor or beer may be added as well to make this great wine gift even better.

    Hollyberry Square Chocolate Box : Hollyberry has put together assorted decadent chocolates in a bright and festive box.